Israel has to be strong to protect its borders and its way of life. This means that Israeli companies must provide top-notch products and services while minimizing expenses in order to be competitive and successful. IT outsourcing is one of the best ways to ensure this outcome. lists the IT outsourcing benefits for Israeli companies.

What does your company need to succeed long-term? A product or service that solves some real-life problems of your audience. It must be simple to use, visually appealing, it must be developed quickly and updated without interruptions to end-user experience — and these are just the basic requirements! We are not even talking about unique selling points that will distinguish your product among competitors and boost customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

However, even to satisfy these basic points a company must possess quite a deep knowledge of software design, architecture, development and maintenance This knowledge is not easy to come by and hiring specialists with it in Israel will cost quite a lot. IT outsourcing is not only the way to reduce costs — it is also a way of ensuring all the basic requirements — and advanced tricks — or the product are covered. Why is it so?

IT outsourcing companies work in two ways only. Either they do the things right and gain renown — or they do the things wrong and fail like any other startups. Thus said, look for the companies with 5+ years of experience in the domain you are after. 

If these teams do everything right, their customers are satisfied and leave positive customer reviews and public praises for the company. Every company with a history of successful projects can showcase their products or provide reviews from satisfied customers.

When an IT outsourcing company provides good services for a long time, it earns various accolades from rating agencies and platforms, which support the claim for quality. Its team members gain relevant certification to prove their expertise and the company can showcase these achievements and awards as well.

IT outsourcing to Ukraine — benefits for Israeli businesses

When a company wants to outsource some aspects of its operations to an IT service provider, there are some factors that influence such a decision. Apart from the obvious ones, like the technical background of a contractor, its success record, its customer reviews and various ratings and accolades, there are things like project management approaches, attitude, cultural fit and many more.

Luckily, Ukraine has all of these on offer. Russian or Ukrainian is a native language for many Israeli entrepreneurs, we share the same time zone and we are even interested in the same technologies — blockchain development is very popular in Ukraine, just as in Israel, and many companies from Israel are actually already outsourcing their blockchain projects to Ukraine. There is a vast blockchain development community in Ukraine that has ample expertise with building blockchain apps and infrastructure for them, as well as web and mobile app development, cloud infrastructure design, implementation, optimization, management and monitoring and all other IT services required to provide a full range of end-to-end products and solutions.

With vast technical expertise available and ample experience in building successful products, the Ukrainian IT outsourcing market is a great choice for Israeli companies looking to tap into a pool of skills required to quickly build high-quality products. Just find a reliable IT services provider and form a long-term mutually-beneficial partnership!

IT outsourcing advantages for Israeli companies