Streamers who worked hard to promote their channel attract millions of viewers and make excellent money from their popularity. Some developers are willing to pay five-figure sums to raise their games to the top in a few hours. In addition to sponsorship, popular streamers can also make a significant income from advertising casinos. In addition to this, affiliate programs, the sale of their own accessories and souvenirs allow you to earn money. Streamers make money in a variety of ways. If you also want to try, first find a reliable casino at

Working with affiliate programs 

Affiliate programs give the biggest profits to streamers and allow them to get remuneration according to the agreement. Money is accrued for the invited foreign users. Payment methods can be different. RevShare system involves the streamer to receive a certain percentage of the money spent by the attracted player. CPA – the scheme, which involves payment for the registration, deposit or other actions of the invited user. The mixed type gives the streamer the payment both for attracting new players, and for their activity on the site. Cooperation conditions depend on the chosen partner program. Affiliate program gives you a choice from all listed payment options: CPA – up to $450, RevShare – up to 50% of the money spent by the player, and also the possibility of individual selection of the cooperation scheme. Read more about how affiliate programs work here.


Unlike other broadcasts, gambling streams do not always give the host a large number of donations. Most viewers prefer to spend the money on real bets rather than give it to the presenter. In this situation, presenters use interesting bonus offers and incentives in exchange for a cash transfer as a gimmick. Some streamers share a percentage of their winnings with those who have deposited an agreed amount. Most often, such bonuses are received only by those viewers whose amount of donations is the largest.

It happens that streamers for big donations perform special tasks of viewers. Making a donation allows the viewer to ask the presenter a question, clarify the nuances of the game and other things. Streamers who understand their audience well and promise interesting bonuses for donations will not be left without them. On average, donates bring top streamers about $100-200 per broadcast.


In addition to individual agreements with foreign casinos and donates, streamers get some royalties on affiliate programs for streaming platforms. It is also possible to earn on a paid subscription of viewers. Premium members get a variety of benefits, such as access to private broadcasts. And also – special badges which distinguish them from the others, access to the limited chat, etc. YouTube subscriptions cost up to $5, and the streamer gets 70% of that. On Twitch, the terms are virtually identical. The only difference is that there are several types of subscriptions offered here – for $10 and $25, of which the streamer gets 60 or 70%, respectively.

The advertisers of gambling streamers can be casinos or other brands that associate their products with the content of a particular streamer. The introduction of promotional videos can be different, such as playing in a particular casino or machine, mentioning the product or its demonstration in the frame, providing referral links or bonus offers to attract the audience, etc. You can find access to great online casinos, and explore reviews of popular casinos like betway online casino, at

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